Join the Online Group

Wherever you are in the world, they can take part in this unique project from by connecting with us and following a series of online guidelines.

Please tell us why you would like to take part. You can do this by sending either a 200 word statement or a link to a one minute video to

(If you are sending a video recording, you can upload this to a YouTube or Vimeo channel as a private video and send us the password – we won’t share this with anyone).

When you send us your application or video, please provide us with your contact details (These will be held for the duration of the project and then disposed of and will under no circumstances be given to anyone else).

We will then contact you with more information and your first set of instructions! Our team of industry professionals will regularly share new prompts and offer support to help you tell your story of what it is like to turn 18 in 2018.